Transforming Research Communication

Our struggle with Word and LaTeX in formatting journal submissions and academic assignments led us to build Typeset. We realised that no one had designed a platform that was dedicated to meet the needs of people like you, who generate billions of pieces of academic work each year. We found that Word and Google Docs are unstructured and need constant re-editing and re-formatting, while LaTeX is too hard for most researchers. Typeset intends to be the perfect bridge - ease of intuitive writing and collaboration, with the rigor and power of LaTeX.

We have been working at it since 2014 and have been in beta for over a year. During this period we’ve collected feedback from thousands of you, and we are grateful to our early users. It helped us identify pain points and build industry-leading features on Typeset. What you see today, is the work of thousands of man-hours that have created self-learning journal and thesis builders, that make sure you have a 100% compliant submission with zero errors.

We are committed to Open Standards as well as keeping our platform open, and you can export every letter you write on Typeset without any ado, if we fail to live up to your expectations. Till date, we’ve created journal builders for over 14,000 journals and scores of assignment, and thesis templates.

We are adding to our library by the hundreds every week, and every dollar that you spend on Typeset is invested in building out more features that will help you save time, get accuracy and enjoy the process of writing research.

Go ahead, give our baby a test drive and let us know what you feel on feedback@typeset.

And yes, if you like our work, please do consider joining the growing Typeset Community and spread the word.